Whey-Fed Pork

Our pork is all raised on our farm from weaned piglets.  The pigs are managed on rotating pasture, giving them constant access to the forage, roots and earth snacks they thrive on.  The access to green forage and plenty of sunshine really increases the nutritional profile of their fat and meat. We also provide them with the whey from our organic cheese production and with certified organic grains resulting in a really exceptional product.

We sell a variety of pork cuts as well as our farm made sausage.  We take great pride in our sausage and feel it really stands alone due to our use of the highest quality fresh herbs and spices, often grown right here, as well as the use of high end cuts of meat and meticulous care an attention to every step of the grinding and sausage making process.  A batch of sausage is produced over several consecutive days to maximize the quality of the grind and integrity of the meat. In addition to our pork sausages, we make a goat Merguez.

Our pork is only sold through direct sales from our farm store or through our local delivery route.